How To Keep Students Engaged In Online Course Learning?

In the past few years, online education has earned the reputation of the imperative learning tool. The prospect of skill building and acquiring knowledge with online learning has increased among the students. Even, professionals are preferring to enrol to online courses over traditional. Digital degree and diploma from recognised institutes hold high value in the job market. Though this earlier was not there. But as the employers have realised the significance of e-learning and that’s why they accept online qualifications. For companies, it’s the skill and self-motivation that matters. They know knowledge of handling work in the proper manner is what counts. Though online learning is beneficial but the lack of motivation and patience can disengage students from e-learning courses. Read on.


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Why Online Learner Disengage?

There are several factors that can divert students from online learning. Students with less commitment towards learning might lose the interest in the online course after some point of time. At most of the online programmes completion of the course depends on the learning pace of the students. This can make the duration of the course length for those set of students who don’t participate in the virtual class frequently. Besides, unlike traditional learning at web-based education, there is no face to face interaction between teacher and students and among peers.

Engaging Students

Online learning facilitators have to realise that students heavily rely on them. In most occasions students professionals who think that online course can take their career to the new height. This faith towards online learning providers is like the big responsibility. And hence, they should ensure that every single student makes most from the course learning.


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To deal with the set of students lacking commitment, try to motivate them. Engage them with gaming element of education and reward them point. Stimulate them to innovate what they learn. Ask them to give online presentation saying this will help them incorporate activities like briefing meeting with presentations. Though there is no denial that the interaction that takes place in classroom learning is not there at online. But with regular online chat, discussion and video conferencing the interaction between student to student and teachers and learners can be done. This way students will remain connected. Besides, feedback in real time is crucial. Avoid delayed replying to the doubts and choirs of the learners. Rather ensure the reply is made is less possible time. And to deal with the set of students taking much time to complete the course, make them realise how ending the programmes in framed time can help their career. Give them examples of those students who culminate the online distance courses earlier than set time duration.

Focus On The Real Purpose

Online education is the fittest learning tool in the fast paced life. This allows us to take the necessary knowledge that can help to grow in our career. But at the same time, it’s indispensable that students are under the observation of the online learning providers. Teachers should constantly evaluate the strength and weakness of the learners and guide them accordingly.

How will you make the most of this opportunity? Share your thought, opinions and experiences with us by leaving your comments below.

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Nigeria is Ready to Endorse and Embrace Popular E-Learning Tool


The education system of Nigeria is changing radically. With the advent of technology, the ever rising demand of online education is being felt throughout the region. A large number of e-learning solution providers have found huge prospects across the country. Consequently, more and more e-learning providers have come up with the idea of exploring technology tools to boost global competitiveness.

Nigeria endorses a major e-learning software tool that is designed to encourage local content in Nigeria’s software development.

The BrainFriend e-learning and examination preparatory software from CINFORES have been endorsed by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education (FME) as a tool to enhance the teaching and learning methods in local schools in Nigeria.

Over the years, the CINFORES Limited, a native software provider, has come up with a number of educational solutions that include the electronic scholarship management information system and eCampus.

The BrainFriend software was endorsed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) only after due assessment.

Jachi Briggs, the Business Development Manager at CINFORES Limited, said that endorsement from Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education was a milestone and landmark move.

She added that authentication from public further proved the software met the requisites for an advanced e-learning tool, which would help the education sector in Nigeria develop at all the fronts.

The BrainFriend software is approved and certified by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

This endorsement supports the policy of agency to test and ensure the locally developed software’s quality, so they could meet the requisite global standards.

If used consistently by teachers or students, the e-learning tool is supposed to guarantee excellent results.


The 2013 edition of software already features more than 50000 questions, answers and explanations covering over 40 subjects.

The BrainFriend software is compatible with mobile devices and brilliantly runs on Android. The iOS and Windows Mobile versions of the software were released at the end of Q2 2013.

As a growing and developing nation, Nigeria can only meet up with other global economies in the near future if their education system is developed to embrace e-learning as a method to achieve the global standards.

The e-learning tools like BrainFriend and others are set to redefine education in Nigeria. The classrooms are no longer distinguished by brick walls rather students have the facility to interact with educators even from the comfort zone of their houses.

As Nigeria is looking forward to bring a change in its education system, millions of prospective learners are going to benefit from the endorsement of e-learning tools by Federal Ministry of Education in the country.

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Distance Education Helps Nigerian Education Sector

The education sector is important in every country. Whether it is a developed, developing, or under developed nation is irrelevant. That is because education is the backbone of every country, no matter what state it is in, and it is education that can solely help improve the current conditions.

nigeria-esspinMore people with a higher education results in better educators. The quality of teacher is one of the most important factors in raising the bar of education in a country. Good teachers can inspire their students not only to do well academically, but to become better human beings. This helps to uplift the educational as well as social situation of a country. Better educated, well guided students make informed choices. Otherwise, left to their own devices, they would make choices that were poor for both them and their families.

Educated individuals also make well thought out political choices. They are not easily swayed by false promises or the threat of brute force. Such individuals will not only vote a better country into being, but they will also make better politicians who can make their country a better place. One of the best ways to do this is by improving educational choices in the country. Thereby the currently improved sector can possibly flourish in a decade or two.

A great example of this is Nigeria, where the country and the educational sector itself have improved over the years. A country is not just a geographical territory. It is made of its peoples. The social, economic, political well being of the country lies in the hands of its people. When its people are knowledgeable, the country will prosper.

Educated individuals are also workers with a higher skill level. They can actually make a career instead of working the same job for their whole life. A global degree allows them to be eligible to work abroad too. When some of them come back with this new wealth of international experience, this too helps the country grow and thereby move forward.

Distance education has been particularly beneficial in the Nigerian education sector because it allows the youth to work and study together. As a developing country, Nigeria needs a large force and many young Nigerians too cannot afford to not work and only study. Online education allows them to plan their studies around their work schedules. Also by working and studying together, students who opt for distance education get to put to practice the theories that they learn from their teachers.

Students in Nigeria can choose to study, Business, Management, Finance, Law, Tourism and Hospitality, Health and Psychology, Media Studies, Computers etc. There is something to suit every kind of student. Moreover, not only can students complete their undergraduate studies online, they can do their master’s through the distance education mode too. If you’re interested to know more about distance education in Nigeria, log on to the internet to read more about it.

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