Technological Support Works Wonders in Boosting One’s Learning Spirits



Imagine what would have happened if technology wouldn’t have existed. If books would have only dominated the world of education, would the same level of excitement have been sustained like what is now found among the new age learners? Well, it can be rather said that technology seems to have taken a toll on the 21st century learners.

One of the primary schools in South London makes use of tablet computers in order to use photographs for their work which they also tag it with notes that state altogether as how well they have learned. Kate Atkins, the head teacher of the Lambeth School, says that the aim should be to assist pupils in developing a wide array of learning strategies. He says, “Poor learners are often over-confident about the power of their memories and can struggle to find alternative strategies.”

Encouragement is necessary for new age learners

What is now required therefore is to encourage students as much as possible to think and analyse their learning processes. Prior to learning or trying new things, they must be encouraged in the right manner to do so. In the majority of schools, what teachers do is almost rush in order to complete the syllabus. Instead, students today must be inspired each and every time they proceed to start a new task.

Teachers must always remain conscious about how students are carrying out their activities, what they are struggling with and what must be done in order to bring massive improvements in their assignments. These no doubt matter a lot when it comes to educating students in today’s world. In this respect, the online course providers a fabulous job.

Studying with no restrictions comes only ONLINE

In contrast to the compulsion of attending classes on a regular basis, what online students find amazing is the freedom to study at anytime they wish. Of course, they need to keep track of their course lessons taught in their respective campuses. But what the online learners feel happy about is that they are not bound to appear every time the instructor wants them to be.

Well, questions in regard to self-discipline might pop up here for those studying online. To be honest, pursuing education is possible only when you have self-discipline. Even if you attend a class, it will never be possible for a teacher to ensure that each and every student in the classroom is taking their classes with minute attention. So, what is important is providing students engaging activities that would keep them occupied for long hours.

Flipped Learning – a cool approach for new age learners

What several distance learning providers therefore do nowadays is design such projects for the distance learners who can instead enhance their knowledge and intellect at the same time. One such learning mode is flipped learning where students are asked to watch videos, complete homework prior to studying the lessons and create web presentations that help the acquire a better understanding of their course assignments.

Well, experts predict that online distance education is going to rule in the coming years with lots of innovations still left to happen. Now, we just need to wait and watch as how effectively those innovations will help students to achieve their career goals within their means.

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Is Nigeria Indeed Capitalising Entrepreneurial Prospects for its Youth?


To rise with prosperity, Nigerian education sector must have to encourage applied aspects of learning, so that learners can materialise their learning into successful careers ahead. Nigerian government seems to have understood this fact and a recent agreement between Bank of Industry and The National Youth Service Corps has been all intended to infuse in the corps members the advantages of entrepreneurial skills and culture to establish themselves with self-reliance, and self-initiatives.

Some critics, however, consider such measures to encourage entrepreneurships ineffective. They are saying that instead of pulling such students who spent four or five years in the universities and polytechnics, if a lasting connection between the bank and respective universities and polytechnics can be established, entrepreneurial attitude among the students can be groomed much intensely.

 A Collaboration of Finance and education is important

Very true it is, if BOI can be connected from the beginning, Nigerian youth can continuously make their entrepreneurial prospects up-to-date, which otherwise cannot ever be possible without a substantial financial back up. Involvement of BOI in training programmes of students is equally important to understand the diverse potentialities among them, and give these students proper suggestions.

BOI has been interacting with the students and providing them with precious suggestions for years. The bank found several inadequacies in the business plans presented by majority of fresh graduates. Needs, therefore, are also to be implementing a mode of education that prepares them with more career-centric learning content.

 Education must Encourage entrepreneurial skills

It is not so easy to develop self-reliant entrepreneurial skills without being come in touch with the relevant industry. This is where conventional education system falls short. To encourage the real entrepreneurial temperament among students, educators and government should, therefore, try to set up an alternative education system that engages them directly into the industries relevant to their inclinations and knacks.

Online Distance education shows the possibility

Nigerian government can take inspiration from distance learning that many developed countries like the UK, the US have prioritised for its ability to lead the learners to invest a lion’s share of their time and energy into skill development by taking full-time jobs, apprenticeships etc alongside their study. With the deft use of online technologies in distance education, students now have enormous flexibility in their hands. They can study anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and a computer or tablet. So, boundary of any fixed routine for attending classes is absent in online distance education. This huge benefit of convenient study timing is the opportunity for online learners which they can turn out to materialise in the involvement in their preferred industries.

So, the students of online distance learning can continuously augment their real-industry experience, which is completely absent among brick and mortar students. And, when these online students complete their studies they come out with double benefits – efficiency in theoretical knowledge and practical skill from industrial involvement.

Entrepreneurships can be truly capitalised by these students who have earned substantial industrial knowledge during their study. Therefore, online students are observed to make better businessmen, more skilled professional and more successful in their entrepreneurial efforts, which Nigeria must understand.

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How Internet Changed The Concept Of Learning?

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Integration of internet technology applications into the teaching-learning procedure forms the basis of online education. Internet has become the crossing point between traditional mode of learning and distance education. With the time passing by, the difference line between online learning and regular education has been washed away. E-learning industry has now spread its tentacles around the globe.

Other Terms For Online Education

Online education is also known by the names of distance learning and e-learning. The most precise definition of online education could be ‘A classroom without walls.’ The self-help, self-dependent and self-directed online education medium has caused the departure of timely visits to the institutes. The accord shared by internet technology and education has proved as a blessing particularly for working professional. They are now free from the constraints of time and geographical location.

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Factors Preventing Working Professionals From Receiving Higher Education

Earlier, working professionals could not afford to get higher qualifications to keep their professionals careers on smooth path. Some factors preventing them from attending regular institutes were performance pressure, working overtime, business travel and family responsibilities. Inflexible class hours at regular institutes only added to the limitations of theirs. It’s because of online education that such limitations and restraints have been pushed away from the path of working professionals seeking higher education.



No Time Constraints For Online Learners

Internet has designed the global classroom to confine online learners. As there are no fixed time for online study, learners can study at their own pace and with complete ease. In the recent times, you can find out some regular colleges providing online courses to add to the quality of distance education. Online education has shrunk the boundaries preventing you from receiving quality education from renowned foreign universities.

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Easy Access to Study Materials

Easy access to the course content and study materials has made online education effortlessly reachable than traditional ones. You can hold a grasp over the world of information with a desktop or laptop having internet connection. Online education is rightly considered a medium of exposure to the technology, international communication and outer world. Learners are given lots of opportunities to take part in discussions and debates on online platform.

Online Education Valued by Corporate People

Industrialists and corporate honchos from across the world value and utilise online education. Several colleges and universities have added corporate training programmes in their online learning curriculum. Many MNCs have collaborated with online institutes for keeping their employees updated on the ever-changing scenario in corporate sector.

UK Distance Learning Program

UK distance learning universities have earned global recognition for the quality of education they are providing to the learners around the globe. They design courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, working professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate employees. You can access vocational as well as professional courses from UK universities.

Select an Online Distance Learning MBA that Suits you

These days, employers are all looking for candidates who hold postgraduate degrees. Therefore, a college or an undergraduate degree is not enough to ensure a well paying job. One must walk the extra mile and study for their master’s degree so as to make sure that they will get themselves a good post with a good salary. The most popular postgraduate degree is the MBA as it is the most valued degree in the job world.


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However, not everybody has the good fortune of studying for a full time postgraduate degree. Many students have to work so that they can support their living therefore; studying full time is completely out of the question. Many students live in countries that are educationally backward and have an infrastructure so frail that it cannot support postgraduate programmes and therefore cannot even think of getting a good job. However, that is not the case anymore.

With the advancement of technology, students and working professionals can now study postgraduate programmes, especially MBAs, online. That’s right. Now students do not have to give up their jobs or leave town to study for an MBA. Many world renowned colleges and universities are offering online MBA programmes. But you must be careful about which online college programme to enrol for. The course has to be accredited for you to move ahead in your career. An MBA degree that is not accredited is as worthless as a piece of waste paper.

Therefore, before you pick your online university and MBA programme, do a background check. See how the people who have already studied in the programme are doing in the job market now. See how many people have enlisted in the programme before you have. Check the archives of the university and see how they have been fairing so far.

After you go through all the details, choose the perfect distance learning MBA programme format for yourself. Check to see if the format suits your lifestyle and job timings. Degree accreditation is important because employers only recognise accredited degrees. Many students have fallen prey to non accredited colleges and have paid lots of money for degrees that were not accepted in the job world. So, if you want a good job, choose a distance learning MBA programme with a specialisation so that the job of your dreams is not far from you. Therefore, remember, do a background check before signing up for an online MBA course.

Online Degrees can ensure a Flourishing Future

In recent times, with the advent of the internet and technological advancements our day to day work has become much easier. In fact, technology has also affected the education sector in a good way. Students, who live in countries where higher education is not possible, can now complete their education through online distance education. People across the world are opting for online degrees as they are advantageous and extremely convenient. Here are some of the reasons why students, the world over, prefer online courses to traditional college courses.

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Self Paced Study Programme

The fact that these study programmes are flexible when it comes to timings is probably one of the best reasons why they are considered a very good option. These courses can be studied anytime, anywhere. You can study whenever you get time and do not have to change your lifestyle to suit your studies you can accommodate the programme as per your schedule. In fact, you can also study these programmes as you work full time. Therefore, if you have to work to support yourself, you can continue doing so as you study for your degree.

Cost Effective Programme

Online degree programmes don’t cost as much as traditional college programmes. On top of that you also get to save money on a lot of things. You don’t have to pay for food or lodging and you also do not have to commute as you get to study at home. The study material is sent to you directly, so you also do not have to spend extra money on buying books.

All Degree Levels

A variety of courses are taught online. These online universities not only provide undergraduate degree but they also provide undergraduate diplomas and postgraduate degrees.

Market Demand of Accredited Online Degrees

Many world renowned colleges from the UK and various other parts of the world provide courses online. These online courses are accredited and accredited online degrees from UK Universities have a very good name in the job market. If employers see that you have completed your higher education from these colleges, they won’t hesitate to hire you.

24/7 Availability of Lectures and Study Material

Unlike traditional universities, the study material and lectures are available to the student 24/7. Therefore, there is no fear of missing out on a lecture as you can avail of it anytime in the day.

These are the reasons why online degrees from accredited universities are so popular amongst students and working professionals who cannot afford to go to traditional colleges to complete their higher studies.