UNITAR Offers Lots of Course Options to Participants in Online Training Programmes


Source: bit.ly/1hDZWzk

United Nations has launched an online training programme, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), offering online training courses in international trade, financial management and intellectual property. Finance and trade professionals and officials, belonging to developing and least developed countries and economies, can take part in the training programme.

More than 10,000 officials especially from developing countries have benefitted from these courses since the inception of online courses in 2003. Officials and professionals have golden opportunities to become a trainee with UN through its new online training programme, UNITAR.

Until now, United Nations has been concerned with maintaining peace, generating employment and ensuring health programmes around the world, but the organization is now promoting training and research programmes too.


source: bit.ly/1dUzdzg


United Nations Institute for Training and Research is committed to provide pioneering e-learning courses by imminent experts in an interactive and flexible manner. These e-learning courses let professionals and officials interact with other participants, exchange ideas, and resolve queries through the facilitators from different backgrounds. International experts with thorough understanding of modern issues and challenges are involved in moderation of each course. The real-time experiences of experts let participants expand pragmatic and relevant insights on the modern subject issues.

Though UNITAR has been introduced this year, 2014, itself, it has already covered the level of ground work. The highly advanced online training programmes, created by notable educationists, are testimony to this fact. Each of the courses is designed to promote valuable interaction among the participants and retain their interest throughout. In fact, the training courses aim to offer participants clear picture of the real-time challenges in just 6 weeks of time, after which successful participants are given a certificate of completion from UNITAR.

Increase in the number of online courses in Sub-Saharan Africa

When it comes to popularity and rise in demands of online courses and training programmes, Sub-Saharan African countries are no less than their counterparts in other part of the world. Over the past 5 years, an increase of 390 percent in the number of online courses has been recorded across the Sub-Saharan African region. Out of all, more than 30 percent of beneficiaries come from Africa, 24 percent from Asia Pacific, whereas Latin America and the Caribbean share 14 percent. More than 25,000 participants every year benefit from the training and capacity development activities.

Highly sought-after online training courses from UNITAR

For the current academic calendar, some highly sought-after courses have been included. These courses include Financial Negotiation, Financial Governance/Management, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Risk Management, Trade and Intellectual Property, and Debt Management and Poverty Reduction, as well.

How will UNITAR help prospective participants from Nigeria?

As the United Nations Institute for Training and Research is basically aimed to provide quality training and research programmes to the developing and least developed economies, it is going to be of great help to the Nigerian students looking for ways and means to gain credible certificates to join in the big corporations. With some highly popular courses in the list, Nigerian students will surely find it appealing and useful to receive certificate of completion from UNITAR.

Article source: bit.ly/1hk1Alj


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