How Distance Learning is Favourable for Nigerian Students?

It is true that the Nigerian education system is not up to the mark and it needs betterment. Recently, an UK based consultancy firm on online learning called The Learning Nuggets Company, reported that there is a great prospect of e-learning in Nigeria. The colleges in Nigeria are not properly equipped with the resources needed for a right educational atmosphere. They are at times over populated but do not have apt educators. For this reason, online learning has immense scope in Nigeria as it might help the learners in each and every manner.

Government Assumptions

At the formal launch of “Opn Imo”, an online learning initiative by the Ilesha and the State Government of Osun, Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice President of Nigeria said that online education is the “way forward for Nigeria”. He said in his speech, “In my view, our greatest asset in this country is not oil, it is not cocoa, and it is not cassava or groundnuts. And I respect all our farmers and their contributions towards our development. Our greatest asset is our people, the Nigerian people. We have to educate and train our teeming young population if we seriously hope to develop this country.

Why online education for Nigerian learners?

It is important for the Nigerian learners to know the benefits of online education. When the most reputed universities offer their courses online, the learners can only get benefitted by them and nothing else! Also, if the learners in Nigeria wish to become successful on an international platform, online education can help them become so. Only with the help of online courses offered by a world class university, a Nigerian student can get equipped with fulfilling learning environment. The online courses are also affordable and hence, the learners do not even need to pay sky-high tuition fees for getting a degree. This way, they can get a degree of their choice, from their preferred international universities, that too at a very low cost.

When a number of people in Nigeria had to leave their studies to start earning, they couldn’t complete their education. But now, online learning can help them to get back to education. They can now simply work during the day and come back home at night to continue with their studies. Online learning offers such flexibility to the learners which they could have never gained from a regular university course.

A true story…

Ikpong_Umoh-profile-81x100 Ikpong Umoh: He is based in Lagos in Nigeria and is a full-time business and looks after the business set by his late father. As he had to start working at an early age, he had to leave college midway. But now, with the help of online learning, he has got back on track with an online MBA from a reputed UK university and he believes that the things which he will learn on the course, he will implement them in his business to get better results.

Ikpong says, “Higher education has changed me, as I am now more exposed to organised resources of knowledge which are applicable to real life situations.”

Open distance learning in Nigeria is an incredible way to make the aching education sector a bit better. With this, the learners will get ample resources from the international platform to get equipped to knowledge which will help them perform better.


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