How Distance Learning is Favourable for Nigerian Students?

It is true that the Nigerian education system is not up to the mark and it needs betterment. Recently, an UK based consultancy firm on online learning called The Learning Nuggets Company, reported that there is a great prospect of e-learning in Nigeria. The colleges in Nigeria are not properly equipped with the resources needed for a right educational atmosphere. They are at times over populated but do not have apt educators. For this reason, online learning has immense scope in Nigeria as it might help the learners in each and every manner.

Government Assumptions

At the formal launch of “Opn Imo”, an online learning initiative by the Ilesha and the State Government of Osun, Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice President of Nigeria said that online education is the “way forward for Nigeria”. He said in his speech, “In my view, our greatest asset in this country is not oil, it is not cocoa, and it is not cassava or groundnuts. And I respect all our farmers and their contributions towards our development. Our greatest asset is our people, the Nigerian people. We have to educate and train our teeming young population if we seriously hope to develop this country.

Why online education for Nigerian learners?

It is important for the Nigerian learners to know the benefits of online education. When the most reputed universities offer their courses online, the learners can only get benefitted by them and nothing else! Also, if the learners in Nigeria wish to become successful on an international platform, online education can help them become so. Only with the help of online courses offered by a world class university, a Nigerian student can get equipped with fulfilling learning environment. The online courses are also affordable and hence, the learners do not even need to pay sky-high tuition fees for getting a degree. This way, they can get a degree of their choice, from their preferred international universities, that too at a very low cost.

When a number of people in Nigeria had to leave their studies to start earning, they couldn’t complete their education. But now, online learning can help them to get back to education. They can now simply work during the day and come back home at night to continue with their studies. Online learning offers such flexibility to the learners which they could have never gained from a regular university course.

A true story…

Ikpong_Umoh-profile-81x100 Ikpong Umoh: He is based in Lagos in Nigeria and is a full-time business and looks after the business set by his late father. As he had to start working at an early age, he had to leave college midway. But now, with the help of online learning, he has got back on track with an online MBA from a reputed UK university and he believes that the things which he will learn on the course, he will implement them in his business to get better results.

Ikpong says, “Higher education has changed me, as I am now more exposed to organised resources of knowledge which are applicable to real life situations.”

Open distance learning in Nigeria is an incredible way to make the aching education sector a bit better. With this, the learners will get ample resources from the international platform to get equipped to knowledge which will help them perform better.


Top 5 Tips for Teachers to Make Best Use of iPad in Classroom



The influx of iPads in the modern education setup is being seen as one of the most credible contributions of education technology. Whether its basic science classes or management lectures at business schools, teachers and students are busy flipping pages on their latest tablet gizmo everywhere you go.

Gone are the days when teachers and students had to search the relevant study materials in library, they can now get everything through a slick and thin piece of technology. There are many apps to gather enough information about the matters related to particular topics and subjects.

When it comes to tutoring in classrooms, there are many apps that teachers can make use of for the teaching purposes. Though there are certain limitations of the apps compatible with iPad or other tablet devices, no one can deny the fact that these devices have brought a revolution in the academic zone.

A noted educationist has termed iPad as a “Swiss-army knife” of tools. There are many great subject-specific apps but the generic apps are even greater. Teachers and students can do a lot of things with only a bunch of cheap/free and generic apps. Use of iPad in the classroom is more about learning processes and activities without replacing the given references in the subject textbook.

However, teachers must learn a few things for the proper use of iPad in the classrooms. Here are a few tips to help teachers make effective use of iPad in the classrooms.



Help your students get organised – Teachers can spend a few minutes a week with their students to make sure that they become proficient in the use of digital devices. This will not just hone up the skills of students but also save teachers lots of time. There are certain tools like Google Calendar and iStudiez Pro that students can make use of to keep track of assigned tasks.

Find out what you are trying to accomplish – While designing the lessons for learning, teachers should begin with the end in mind. They should curtail themselves from designing the lessons, which are based on how best to use the iPad. Teachers should instead think about what students are to learn and then look for ways to make use of iPad to accomplish those learning targets.

Always keep a tech-free back-up plan – Teachers must practice their lesson, activity and workflow at least a day in advance. Murphy’s Law applies here, if it can go wrong, it will, but practice beforehand is good. By doing so, teachers can find the flaws themselves before students do so.

Rethink and Relocate – Success ultimately comes when you know how to manage your classroom well. Make sure to manage your classroom by constant and regular interaction with your students.

Set clear behaviour expectations, daily – Teachers should remind students about the proper use of iPad in the classrooms. Make sure to repeat the subject matter twice as often as you think.

So, you see how iPads can play key roles in making teachers teach with more effectiveness. You can now keep aside your books and open your iPad to give your learners a new learning experiences.

Major Stakeholders in Education Sector Showing Keen Interest in Nigeria



Many African countries appear to have relinquished their developmental responsibilities under the excuse of foreign aid. They shift the developmental responsibilities to the donor communities. The situation in these countries is such that almost every crucial sector, influencing national economies, in African countries is being run by the donor states and agencies.

Fund to boost the Universal Basic Education in Nigeria



Mr. Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of Britain and UN Special Convoy on Global Education, revealed the mutual programme initiated by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Development Commission of the European Union and the Global Partnership for Education to inject $250m, besides Federal Government’s contribution of the same amount for giving a boost to the Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria.

Mr. Brown further revealed that government of Nigeria should ‘submit an application from time to time for the next seven years term will be devoted to education development in Nigeria’.

Such external interventions can help developing countries tackle the funding gap in educational sector, especially at the basic level. Nigeria has now a great opportunity to transform primary education for the better, including enrolment numbers, staff training, development of educational infrastructure and overall education quality.

Intel’s new education solution to help Nigerian students



Many stakeholders in the education sector are showing a keen interest in the development of education in Nigeria. In another development, world’s leading chip maker company, Intel has designed a new education solution to provide students access to free and cheap e-learning resources.

The Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace education solution is a learning tool for the keen learners of all the ages and offers learning materials like examination papers, podcasts, books and instruction videos.

This solution of offering online learning materials was launched by Intel in Lagos and is aimed at solving the



educational needs at elementary as well as more advanced learning stages.

Bunmi Ekundare, Intel’s country manager for West Africa, said the solution would benefit all the stakeholders in education sector, including parents and teachers.

Mr. Ekundare says, “For us at Intel, we are not just focused on emerging technologies but also on the best way to deploy these technologies to ensure that it is relevant to all stakeholders involved.”

African Centre of Excellence, funded by World Bank

In addition to all the developments, the World Bank has shortlisted 15 out of 53 proposals from different Nigerian universities for final appraisal for African Centre of Excellence, which is funded by the World Bank itself.

Thirty universities from Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso successfully made into the final stage. The World Bank will fund $8 million to the successful applicants.

A Ray of Hope in Nigeria



In Nigeria, primary as well as higher education has been a matter of concern for a long time. Poor educational infrastructure, poverty, lack of education, unstable socio-political setup and many other factors are responsible for the plight of education in Nigeria.

However, with powerful stakeholders showing enthusiast over the development of education system in Nigeria, there is a hope educational scenario in Nigeria is going to change in near future.

Online Education Copes with Every Single Difficulty of Life


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Making your education further is not a matter of headache anymore. Whatever your life’s situation is, no matter what you are busy with, distance education has emerged as the most flexible a task that anybody can do without any hazard and compromise imposing on life. The thorough development of information technology has made the process even smoother, where with a simple internet connection and some gadget like PC, Smartphone or Tablet you can proceed with your learning process.

Easy for Working Person



This internet-based distance learning or online learning makes all your desire to advance your education actually materialised in spite of any kind of hardship you face in the way. For example, if you are a working person having lot of responsibilities and commitments to fulfil in your workplace it is really difficult for you to go on with a full-time education, because you cannot allot the time to attend the classes there. Your work hours will intercept the schedule of any on-campus course.  But, with online learning you can still undertake the process of advancing your education.

There is no hard and fast time schedule in this learning process. You can reach to your course content anytime over internet. Enrolling into any accredited course you ensure that with a simple log in at any point of time you have your access to your study stuffs, e-books, and tutors. With the virtual learning environment you experience interactive learning sessions with your tutors.

Moreover, being already in a work your online learning gives you the opportunity to grow with a surprising pace. On the one hand, you are getting constant augmentation in work experience that blended with your online acquisition of knowledge elevates your career prospect to a promising level.

Easy for Everyone

But what about those who are still not into their active job responsibilities, yet have some constraints to move along with the traditional process of learning? Online learning can give relief to everyone, whatever his/her problems are.

For Mothers with Baby to Look after



If you are a mother with your baby or toddler immensely dependent upon you, you cannot, obviously, plan for a regular learning schedule. Only online distance learning can give you the support.  With so flexible study option you can choose to study when your baby is sleeping or with its father.

For Physically Disabled Ones



If you are physically disabled, and feel shy to mingle in the mainstream society, and that make your way difficult to attend a brick and mortar institution, online learning can provide you your way of learning in a socially amiable atmosphere. You get one-to-one tutor support, a virtual learning community whom you can interact with as per your comfort zone.

Cost-friendly Fees Structure



Cost makes a lot of difficulties in carrying out regular courses from on-campus institutions. Many people get forced to abandon their study on account of cost factor. Moreover, traditional educational institutions are continuously increasing their course fees. In this situation, you can always consider an online course that costs you a fraction of investment you make for any regular on-campus course.

Many universities with top-ranking reputation in the world are offering fully accredited courses to advancing one’s formal education. Go grab it, and the result is all yours.