Online MBA degree with work experience holds an edge over others

Whether online MBA degrees are considered equivalent to the degrees earned from traditional business schools is still a debated topic in between students. However, knowledgeable people in the professional sector know that online business administration degrees hold the same value as on-campus degrees.

Recruiters in corporate sector prefer online MBA degree holders

Online MBAAccording to an education survey, almost 50 percent of recruitment managers give the same value to online and on-campus MBA degree holders whereas rest of the recruiters consider online MBA holders far competent and dedicated in comparison to their counterparts from traditional b-schools. Factors giving online degree holders an edge over on-campus MBAs are relevant work experience, accreditation of colleges, time take for finishing MBA etc.

Recruiters prefer online MBA degree holders for different other reasons. Most of them pointed out that most people holding online MBA degree with work experience are proficient in virtual networking. As online MBA courses encourage group tasks, students develop their networking skills. Group project management skills, developed and acquired during the study time, work in the professional life of students. Some recruiters also said that online degree holders are more disciplined, organised and can sustain the flexible work schedules without affecting productivity.

Almost 90 percent recruiters opined that online MBA holders are dedicated toward their profession, education and lifestyle. On the other hand, on-campus degree holders are unfocussed and lack professionalism. Other factor in favour of online MBA holders is that they tend to complete their MBA course in time, though the online course structure is usually easier and more lenient.

Online MBA from UK Universities in Nigeria

Students from developing countries that lack educational infrastructure have better opportunities to earn an online MBA degree and subsequently a better job in the corporate or public sector.

So, Nigerian students can take up an online MBA course provided by UK Universities and shape up their career in right direction. Online courses offered by UK Universities to Nigerian students include MBA in Management Consultancy, Law, Finance, Project Management, HRM, Service Excellence, Global Food industry, among others.

These courses are designed flexibly so that even the working professionals can also earn a valuable MBA degree without comprising with their jobs and other commitments. Students have the options to attend online lectures from homes and submit their assignments online. To solve the queries of students and support them in learning, online tutors are provided to each and every student. There are multiple benefits of studying online MBA from UK Universities.

Hence, online MBA courses with relevant work experience equals enhance the job opportunities.


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