Online MBA degree with work experience holds an edge over others

Whether online MBA degrees are considered equivalent to the degrees earned from traditional business schools is still a debated topic in between students. However, knowledgeable people in the professional sector know that online business administration degrees hold the same value as on-campus degrees.

Recruiters in corporate sector prefer online MBA degree holders

Online MBAAccording to an education survey, almost 50 percent of recruitment managers give the same value to online and on-campus MBA degree holders whereas rest of the recruiters consider online MBA holders far competent and dedicated in comparison to their counterparts from traditional b-schools. Factors giving online degree holders an edge over on-campus MBAs are relevant work experience, accreditation of colleges, time take for finishing MBA etc.

Recruiters prefer online MBA degree holders for different other reasons. Most of them pointed out that most people holding online MBA degree with work experience are proficient in virtual networking. As online MBA courses encourage group tasks, students develop their networking skills. Group project management skills, developed and acquired during the study time, work in the professional life of students. Some recruiters also said that online degree holders are more disciplined, organised and can sustain the flexible work schedules without affecting productivity.

Almost 90 percent recruiters opined that online MBA holders are dedicated toward their profession, education and lifestyle. On the other hand, on-campus degree holders are unfocussed and lack professionalism. Other factor in favour of online MBA holders is that they tend to complete their MBA course in time, though the online course structure is usually easier and more lenient.

Online MBA from UK Universities in Nigeria

Students from developing countries that lack educational infrastructure have better opportunities to earn an online MBA degree and subsequently a better job in the corporate or public sector.

So, Nigerian students can take up an online MBA course provided by UK Universities and shape up their career in right direction. Online courses offered by UK Universities to Nigerian students include MBA in Management Consultancy, Law, Finance, Project Management, HRM, Service Excellence, Global Food industry, among others.

These courses are designed flexibly so that even the working professionals can also earn a valuable MBA degree without comprising with their jobs and other commitments. Students have the options to attend online lectures from homes and submit their assignments online. To solve the queries of students and support them in learning, online tutors are provided to each and every student. There are multiple benefits of studying online MBA from UK Universities.

Hence, online MBA courses with relevant work experience equals enhance the job opportunities.


Select an Online Distance Learning MBA that Suits you

These days, employers are all looking for candidates who hold postgraduate degrees. Therefore, a college or an undergraduate degree is not enough to ensure a well paying job. One must walk the extra mile and study for their master’s degree so as to make sure that they will get themselves a good post with a good salary. The most popular postgraduate degree is the MBA as it is the most valued degree in the job world.


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However, not everybody has the good fortune of studying for a full time postgraduate degree. Many students have to work so that they can support their living therefore; studying full time is completely out of the question. Many students live in countries that are educationally backward and have an infrastructure so frail that it cannot support postgraduate programmes and therefore cannot even think of getting a good job. However, that is not the case anymore.

With the advancement of technology, students and working professionals can now study postgraduate programmes, especially MBAs, online. That’s right. Now students do not have to give up their jobs or leave town to study for an MBA. Many world renowned colleges and universities are offering online MBA programmes. But you must be careful about which online college programme to enrol for. The course has to be accredited for you to move ahead in your career. An MBA degree that is not accredited is as worthless as a piece of waste paper.

Therefore, before you pick your online university and MBA programme, do a background check. See how the people who have already studied in the programme are doing in the job market now. See how many people have enlisted in the programme before you have. Check the archives of the university and see how they have been fairing so far.

After you go through all the details, choose the perfect distance learning MBA programme format for yourself. Check to see if the format suits your lifestyle and job timings. Degree accreditation is important because employers only recognise accredited degrees. Many students have fallen prey to non accredited colleges and have paid lots of money for degrees that were not accepted in the job world. So, if you want a good job, choose a distance learning MBA programme with a specialisation so that the job of your dreams is not far from you. Therefore, remember, do a background check before signing up for an online MBA course.

Degree cost rises due to increase in tuition fee

Many universities have revealed that due to the increase in tuition fee, the cost of degree courses would raise up to £26,000 next year. According to official figures, the increase in annual tuition fee will be around two percent to an average of £8,647 for new students taking admission in 2014. The figure also emerged that a maximum amount of £9000 will be charged by almost two-third universities and colleges in England, for at least one course. Some 27 per cent of universities would charge top-level fees for all degrees, revealed the Government’s office for fair access. Several hundred pounds discount will be awarded to the students from poorest backgrounds.

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After considering the discounts, the average degree cost falls to £8,425 every year, though being up from £8,246 for students starting the courses 12 months before. However, full amount will be charged from large number of undergraduate students coming from middle-class families. As the figures suggest, an average of £25,941 will be charged as total cost of a full-time three year degree course. The disclosure was made despite ministers’ claim of universities charging maximum fees only in ‘exceptional’ circumstances which came before the new fee structure was introduced in 2012.

Separate researches conducted confirmed that a number of students were now ready to enroll to a quicker two year degree course to save money. Universities are now required to draw ‘access agreements’ to set out fee level so that poor students are not put off due to the fee hike. An analysis report informed that 26.4 per cent of income generated from high fee will be used to uplift the poor and underrepresented groups.

Educationists have been critical of top universities for failing to establish a balanced students’ body and urging them to set new targets to improve admission from poor section. However, universities are blaming schools for charging low access rates. “It is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture – increased regulation of universities will not tackle the real issues. Russell Group universities put a lot of effort into trying to help solve problems around access to higher education but we cannot do so alone; progress continues to be limited by levels of achievement at school and a lack of advice on A-level subject choices” said Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group, which represents 24 top universities across the UK (including Oxford and Cambridge).
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To conclude, many agree that no one should be backed off due to the financial reasons. Proper financial support and lower loan repayment facility should be provided. Students are also understanding these changes and showing more interest in ‘accelerated’ two year degree courses. This takes less time, charges lower fee and students can start earning early.

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Complete Post-Graduation Online for Better Jobs

Employers these days not only give candidates with working experience priority but most of them look for candidates with a postgraduate degree as well as working experience. With only an undergraduate degree it is almost impossible to find a well paying job. As employers are becoming more and more demanding by the day, it is absolutely essential for us to meet their expectations in order to get the job of our dreams.

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However, studying for a postgraduate degree and working simultaneously is close to impossible. After working all day, it would be very tiring for an individual to sit through even one hour of class. But with the advent of the internet and advancement of technology, it is now possible for us to study and work at the same time. Confused? Well here’s how. As online distance learning is gaining popularity by the hour many working professionals and students are completing their postgraduate studies through online courses. These courses are most beneficial to students of countries that are still developing and have a poor educational infrastructure.

There are a variety of postgraduate courses available online. But the one post graduate course that most students and working professionals opt for is the MBA. If one is equipped with an MBA along with work experience, their chances at finding a brilliant and lucrative job automatically improve. An MBA is like a magnet in the job world. The minute an employer spots an MBA on your CV, he sits up and takes notice. Online postgraduate courses like an MBA are highly beneficial. Here are some of the advantages of online postgraduate courses.

Allows you to gather valuable work experience

Employers give work experience a lot of value but if you continue with postgraduate studies in traditional colleges you won’t be able to start working, therefore you won’t be able to gather much of experience. However, if you take up a job after completing your undergraduate degree, you can work full time and gather experience while you study part time to earn the much needed postgraduate degree.

Allows you to earn a living

Online studies being flexible helps you work and earn your living as you study. So, you do not need to quit your job and slip into debt as you earn the coveted postgraduate degree.

Allows you to save money

As online postgraduate programmes are less expensive than traditional courses, you get to save money. Since, these courses are studied from home; you get to save on commuting, lodging and food.

Due to these various advantages, many students and working professionals opt for online postgraduate courses so that they can pave the way to success.

UN targets a global parity index by 2015

Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani campaigner of girls’ education, who survived a massive Taliban attack last October – stood up again to fight for the girls’ access to education at UN. On Friday, 12 July marking her 16th birthday, Malala delivered a speech calling on the general assembly “to fund new teachers, schools, books and recommit to getting every girl and boy in school by December 2015.” (Quote source:

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Index (GDI) is used by UN to compare the girls’ enrollment According to a UN report today more children around the globe are in primary schools but an estimated 57 million still stay out of school. The gender disparity still exists in many countries. A Gender Disparity rates to boys. This helps to track the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and targeted parity in primary and secondary education system by 2015 end. The MDG target on parity in primary education has already been met at global level and the gender gap is restricted to a much smaller group of countries.

At a Pakistani primary school, there are still 82 girls in compare to 100 boys. Though still far from parity, it shows a great progress since 1990 when there were 52 girls for 100 boys. Less than 40% countries have been able to meet the MDG target in gender parity at the secondary level so far. And the rest 60% are roughly divided between those where boys outnumber girls and some other where girls outnumber boys.

In compare to primary and secondary the results are quite opposite in higher education. According to a UNESCO 2011 report, girls outnumber boys by 108 women to every 100 men at higher level. Men outnumbered women in higher studies until the late 1990s but since 2004 the number of women enrollment in post-secondary education has increased globally in compare to men. Sub-Sahara Africa is the only region where the ratio has dropped down.

Last month, the UNESCO had warned that the global number of children out of school had reached to a standstill of 3 million for last some years and if it continued that way, the dream of reaching to a global parity by 2015 end will remain unfinished. The international aid for basic education also dropped by 6% between 2010 and 2011 when the 6 out of top 10 donors – Canada, France, Japan, US, Norway and Netherlands cut on their spending.

Online Degrees can ensure a Flourishing Future

In recent times, with the advent of the internet and technological advancements our day to day work has become much easier. In fact, technology has also affected the education sector in a good way. Students, who live in countries where higher education is not possible, can now complete their education through online distance education. People across the world are opting for online degrees as they are advantageous and extremely convenient. Here are some of the reasons why students, the world over, prefer online courses to traditional college courses.

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Self Paced Study Programme

The fact that these study programmes are flexible when it comes to timings is probably one of the best reasons why they are considered a very good option. These courses can be studied anytime, anywhere. You can study whenever you get time and do not have to change your lifestyle to suit your studies you can accommodate the programme as per your schedule. In fact, you can also study these programmes as you work full time. Therefore, if you have to work to support yourself, you can continue doing so as you study for your degree.

Cost Effective Programme

Online degree programmes don’t cost as much as traditional college programmes. On top of that you also get to save money on a lot of things. You don’t have to pay for food or lodging and you also do not have to commute as you get to study at home. The study material is sent to you directly, so you also do not have to spend extra money on buying books.

All Degree Levels

A variety of courses are taught online. These online universities not only provide undergraduate degree but they also provide undergraduate diplomas and postgraduate degrees.

Market Demand of Accredited Online Degrees

Many world renowned colleges from the UK and various other parts of the world provide courses online. These online courses are accredited and accredited online degrees from UK Universities have a very good name in the job market. If employers see that you have completed your higher education from these colleges, they won’t hesitate to hire you.

24/7 Availability of Lectures and Study Material

Unlike traditional universities, the study material and lectures are available to the student 24/7. Therefore, there is no fear of missing out on a lecture as you can avail of it anytime in the day.

These are the reasons why online degrees from accredited universities are so popular amongst students and working professionals who cannot afford to go to traditional colleges to complete their higher studies.

Distance Education Helps Nigerian Education Sector

The education sector is important in every country. Whether it is a developed, developing, or under developed nation is irrelevant. That is because education is the backbone of every country, no matter what state it is in, and it is education that can solely help improve the current conditions.

nigeria-esspinMore people with a higher education results in better educators. The quality of teacher is one of the most important factors in raising the bar of education in a country. Good teachers can inspire their students not only to do well academically, but to become better human beings. This helps to uplift the educational as well as social situation of a country. Better educated, well guided students make informed choices. Otherwise, left to their own devices, they would make choices that were poor for both them and their families.

Educated individuals also make well thought out political choices. They are not easily swayed by false promises or the threat of brute force. Such individuals will not only vote a better country into being, but they will also make better politicians who can make their country a better place. One of the best ways to do this is by improving educational choices in the country. Thereby the currently improved sector can possibly flourish in a decade or two.

A great example of this is Nigeria, where the country and the educational sector itself have improved over the years. A country is not just a geographical territory. It is made of its peoples. The social, economic, political well being of the country lies in the hands of its people. When its people are knowledgeable, the country will prosper.

Educated individuals are also workers with a higher skill level. They can actually make a career instead of working the same job for their whole life. A global degree allows them to be eligible to work abroad too. When some of them come back with this new wealth of international experience, this too helps the country grow and thereby move forward.

Distance education has been particularly beneficial in the Nigerian education sector because it allows the youth to work and study together. As a developing country, Nigeria needs a large force and many young Nigerians too cannot afford to not work and only study. Online education allows them to plan their studies around their work schedules. Also by working and studying together, students who opt for distance education get to put to practice the theories that they learn from their teachers.

Students in Nigeria can choose to study, Business, Management, Finance, Law, Tourism and Hospitality, Health and Psychology, Media Studies, Computers etc. There is something to suit every kind of student. Moreover, not only can students complete their undergraduate studies online, they can do their master’s through the distance education mode too. If you’re interested to know more about distance education in Nigeria, log on to the internet to read more about it.

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